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Terms Of Service (TOS)

General terms of service

BikeGremlin hosting uses MDDHosting infrastructure (see BikeGremlin hosting infrastructure for more details).
The terms of service are no different than (reasonable and fair) MDDHosting's terms of service.

In plain English:

  • Don't do or try to host anything illegal (this includes copying content without a written approval by the content's rightful owner/creator), or any explicit pornography.
  • Don't send spam (spam includes sending emails to any mailing lists you haven't created using double opt-in subscription).
  • Don't abuse server resources (for example, by running high-load scripts that take a lot of processor resources non-stop).
  • Don't be rude to our staff.
  • Pay your bills on time.

Breaking any of the above-listed rules may result in your service being terminated.

We provide backups in good faith and with best intentions (saving them to three remote locations - in USA, Germany, and Serbia), but don't guarantee them.
Keep your own backups for everything that's important.

100% Uptime Guarantee SLA

We guarantee with our money for the service functioning.
Every hour of our server service downtime is compensated with the value of 10 hours of hosting deducted from your next bill/invoice - up to your total monthly service cost.

For example, if you order our powerful Celebrimbor hosting service for $20 per month, and our service goes down for two hours:

  • 30 days have 720 hours.
  • $20 per month is about $0.028 (three cents) per hour ($20 / 720 hours).
  • So, for two hours of service downtime, you'd get compensated a total of:
  • 2 X $0.028 X 10 = $0.56

Not much of a comfort, is it?
That's why we think that service quality and stability (which we have confirmed first-hand since we host our websites on the same infrastructure) are more important than any written guarantees.

Having said that, we also think it is important to put our money where our mouth is, so we do think it's fair to offer this kind of guarantee in case of any problems.

Fair use service policy

You can freely use most of the provided resources (storage space, bandwidth, additional domains and subdomains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts etc.) for as much as you like (up to the max. limit of your hosting package).

However, the below-listed resources fall under our fair-use policy:
vCPU, RAM, I/O, IOPS, Entry Processes, and Total Processes.

What are these resources?
They are set quite liberally to allow you fast performance and a lot of power when you need it.
That is, they help make your website run smoothly even when you do major WordPress or WooCommerce database updates, have a sudden spike in the number of website visitors etc.

With a top-class sports car you can press the throttle all the way, without any problems - but you can't drive it for hours with the gas pedal pressed to the floor.

Likewise, our fair use resources (let's call them “Fair Use Service Policy” - FUSP resources) have these limits - to prevent any overload or problems in the long run:

  • You may use up to 100% of the FUSP resources ("redlining the revs") constantly for up to 5 minutes, and for no more than 10% of the time in total.
  • You may use up to 50% of the FUSP resources constantly for up to 15 minutes, and for no more than 20% of the time in total.
  • You may use up to 25% of the FUSP resources constantly for up to 30 minutes, and for no more than 50% of the time in total.
  • You may use up to 10% of the FUSP resources constantly non-stop (all the time).

In plain English:
A normally functioning WordPress website doesn't have any problems with our limits.
These limits are set to prevent any service abuse (like running resource-demanding scripts and similar) - for those 1% of the “creative” customers who like testing the limits of patience and common sense.

SPAM policy

You are not allowed to send any spam emails from our servers and services.
If you bought a marketing email list - yes, it's most probably spam, people most probably haven't double opted-in to that mail list.

Any email lists you wish to send to should be created using double opt-in (i.e. the subscribers must get a confirmation email with a link to finalize the subscription).

Sending limit is 300 emails hourly, per email address if you opt in to our email service (starting at $1 monthly),
or a total of 300 emails per hour for your entire account (all the email addresses) if you don't.

Use a separate service, like MailChimp, for sending mass-emails (mailing lists, with thousands of subscribers), and add an unsubscribe link into every such email.

If you configure and use email forwarding, do not report any forwarded emails as spam (why it is dangerous to spam-report forwarded emails).

If you've opted in for the Email service, it falls under MXroute terms of service (since it uses MXroute servers and infrastructure).

Refund policy

We have a no-refund policy. Don't do business with the people and companies you don't trust.

Any prepaid funds can be used to pay for services and future invoices.

If you brake our terms of service (spaming, hosting illegal content or any other similar activity), your services will be terminated with no refunds (at our discretion, if we conclude your break of our terms of service was an honest mistake, we reserve the right to not terminate your service and try to sort out the problem reasonably).

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